Electrostatic Precipitator

  • Electrostatic Precipitator Electrostatic Precipitator

    Electrostatic Precipitator consists of filtrations & Blowers chamber,Contaminated air is drawn in to the Precipitator, It first passes through a mechanical filter which collects larger particles. The air is than passes through Ionizer where it is subjected to an intense electrostatic field. All the oil mist & Smoke particles receive a strong electrical charge. These charged particle the collector cell having metal plates of opposite electric charge. The grounded plates attracts & capture the oil mist & smoke particles. An after filter improves air distributions through collections cell and also trops any agglomerated articles that may blow off the cell. A unique high voltage power pack is a special feature.

    Advantages :

    • UNITED ELETROSTATIC FILTER collects air pollutants at generation source itself, before it spoils the work-place.
    • Very low running cost, no recurring/ replacement of fiter media cost.
    • Gives clean and healthy working environment for better productivity.
       UNITED ELECTROSTATIC FILTER can be incorporated in old/new conventional system for better efficiency.
    • Very low pressure drop-reduces energy cost on blower/fan.
    • Life long, washable and reusable filter elements.
    Model Airflow
    CFM / CMH
    Motor Overall Dimentions in mm
    L W H
    UF - 01 850 / 1400 0.5 HP 700 560 580
    UF - 02 1200 / 2000 1 HP 700 650 580
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